Thank you for your interest in adopting a dog from Mainely Mutts Animal Rescue! We ask that you please complete this application as thoroughly as possible, as the information you provide helps us match you with the right pup for your household. Potential adopters should be 21+ and reside in Maine or New Hampshire. We do not place dogs as emotional support animals (ESAs) or as service dogs. We only adopt to Maine and New Hampshire residents. New Hampshire residents must come to Maine to complete the adoption.

Our adoption fee of $525 per dog covers the transport fee, state-mandated inspection fees, shelter pull fees, spay/neuter costs, necessary vaccines, fecal and heartworm screening if applicable, and any other costs that we may incur. On average, we spend more than the adoption fee per dog and work hard to make up the difference through fundraising.

Applications stay on file for two months. If you are interested in a different dog than for who you initially applied for during that time, the application fee or application does not need to be resubmitted.


As a rescue, we strive to be transparent at all steps of the adoption process. One of our founders would be happy to go into further detail regarding the adoption fee, timeline, application, or any questions you may have. Please email us here. 

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